CD cover

Piano and Voice - Cara Winter
All songs written by Cara Winter, except Take It In Turns by Cara Winter and Ben Sommers.
String Arrangements: Cello/Gamba - Nick Cooper.
Violin - Kate Jeremy
Produced by Cara and Keith Winter
Engineered by Engineered by Keith Winter, Simon Allen, James Munson
Mixed by Simon Allen, Keith Winter, Cara Winter
Recorded at High Barn, home and various people's living rooms
Mastered by Nigel Palmer
Album Photography by Yolanda Reeves, Yolanda Reeves © 2008
Graphic Design by Jeremy Luff

Thanks go to…Dad, you have been amazing throughout this whole project. Through blood, sweat and tears...WE'VE BLOODY DONE IT! Mum you've been wonderful. From having to watch films with the subtitles on as we recorded, to having your lounge turned into a rehearsal room, I thank you for being so patient with us and at times the only sane one! I love you both so much. To all who played on her: Roger Batting, you are a god! Nick Cooper, Ian Newman, Tom Hancock, you guys have been amazing both live and on this recording. Let's go get 'em Boys! John 'I don't play fretless' Dover - you do now! Kate 'sorry' Jeremy, come join the band when you return from fair Verona and Ben Sommers for the loan of your voice. Jeremy Luff, a genius and the wonderful Jane, for support, great hair and the rest! Yolanda Reeves for your beautiful photographs. Simon Allen, for your incredible ears and enthusiasm. Chris and Kate Bullen, James Munson and everyone at High Barn for your help and support. For various pianos, in various people's living rooms: Bill Sharpe for the beautiful Bosendorfer, High Barn for Sophie and Jo and Ed Bucknell (Empire Pianos) for the loan of a pretty little Yamaha and the keys to their house! That day I locked us out, we actually got the best work done! To Mr Benn, Catie, Lucie, Nicky, Caja, Sophie, Helen, Sarah and Nick and all my friends and family thank you for always being there. To Sheila Innes, in memory, for her wonderful insight into the world of literature and general life lessons learnt before drama! You were the most inspirational woman and teacher. To everyone who has supported me over the years, come to gigs, checked us out online, or helped move equipment to and from the car on those hectic London gigs when we feared being towed! This is the year to work my socks off! Much love x