CD cover

All songs written by cara winter (except 'hallelujah' winter/sommers) cello arrangements by su, dad and me vocals and piano (sophie): cara winter vocals and fx: ben sommers (mozzy green)* cello: su purcell percussion and digeridoo, 'otherside': tim (jim) webster military drums, 'all I love': roger odell keyboards, 'otherside': dad produced by dad, ben and me engineered by simon allen and joe higham recorded at high barn, newport church and home mixed at home mastering: nigel palmer art work: elizabeth pearl design work: jez luff green slippers logo: lisa porte

thank you to everyone who has made this last year possible - this album was predominantly recorded at high barn and so I want to say a huge thank you to chris and kate bullen for the opportunity to record at such a beautiful place and on such a beautiful piano (sophie). simon, you had the patience of a saint with me, as well as the ears of a bloody bat! joe higham - no one knows about that crisp! thank you for your boundless enthusiasm and generosity of time. i know you don't want to hear it, but cheers! su, what you have brought to my music, both recorded and live, is amazing. thank you so much. tim, (our jim) may your ethereal ears continue to blow with their own internal wind, always (love james) . roger odell, don't worry - we've kept the out takes! ben, i don't think i could have done as much as i have this past year if i hadn't found you in that bar in prague. i am so glad to be working with you. keef and annie - for the wonderful acoustic nights and endless belief (lovely old job). tony phillips - you are possibly the most placid man i know! thank you for all your help from the very beginning. darren of step forward productions - a man who likes feet and photography! lisa, for my green slippers and all the littlebury rabble for your support. liz, you have so much talent, i am so jealous! they are simply beautiful. jez luff - you are a genius (enough said!). mullins, thank you for all the support and belief you've had for me - it means so much. caja, otherside is for you. sarah hunt for the mini adventures. may there be many more in that little purple car! sara macswan - how much do we moan?!? (i believe it's cleansing!) lucy and rich - you two were my saviours in norwich - thank you to mum and dad, this is for you - i love you so much x (dad, thank you for making all this happen x)